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Happy birthday Emma.. xx always an inspiration..

Happy birthday Emma.. xx always an inspiration..

This user in twitter is what makes visiting twitter worthwhile.. xD

This user in twitter is what makes visiting twitter worthwhile.. xD






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draco i had to do it




  1. Draco always has and always will value his father’s opinion and seek his approval. He might have grown more detached from the idea of living up to his father’s glorified opinion of worthy Witches and Wizards over the years, but there’s a part of him that will always crave for Lucius to show even the slightest inkling of pride, approval, and acceptance towards his only child.
  2. Years of teaching himself to shut down compassion and empathy has severely emotionally damaged Draco, so throughout his adult life, doling out affection is extremely difficult. He finds that tearing his walls down for anyone—even in a moment of weakness—is difficult to master, no matter how frequently he struggles to overcome this personality flaw. Sometimes he grows rather frustrated with himself for it; especially when he first falls in love, or first experiences something completely overwhelming.
  3. The first time he had sex was awkward, clumsy, sweaty, and over quickly. Depending on which verse I’m thinking of, I like to picture his first time being with either Astoria, Pansy, or Hermione. I know the fandom world paints Draco as a Sex God (hell, even I’m prone to doing it from time to time; good smut is good smut, man), but I like to think that, realistically, Draco’s first (or first few tbh) times in the bedroom were all over the place.
  4. Draco never wanted children of his own growing up, so when he hears that his wife is pregnant, he begins to panic. Not only because he thinks he’s unready for children, but because he fears he won’t be an adequate parent. However, the first time he holds his child, his fears temporarily ebb away. He’s still terrified as hell and feels the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, but…one look at that baby and the realization it’s his changes everything.
  5. While his father’s still thriving, Draco takes up a position at the Ministry of Magic as a Potioneer. Over the course of several years of hard work and dedication (and impatiently waiting for his coworkers to get over their prejudice associated with him and his family), he’s able to work his way up the career ladder. By the time he’s Head of the Potions Department, Lucius decides to train him on the side in order to prepare him for becoming the C.E.O. of the Malfoy Apothecary business that’s been in his family for generations. And, when the time comes, he’ll assume his father’s role as head of the company.
  6. The war battered Draco up for a while; to the point where he didn’t really know what to do with himself. He’d spend nights terrified of closing his eyes, for fear that images of the war would flash across his mind and corrupt his dreams. He’d develop nervous ticks and habits that only people close to him would notice after weeks of studying him…like the way he fidgets with his hands whenever the mention of the Second Wizarding War comes up, or how after he’s moved into his own flat, he has to double check that every window and door is locked, sealed, and charmed before he can safely head to bed that evening.
  7. Draco marries someone suitable for companionship. He doesn’t marry for wealth, money, status, or a way to save what’s left of his crumbling family name. He marries for love, no matter the blood status or financial/social security of his spouse. He marries someone who makes him happy and who understands that he can’t always express “I love you” in the most conventional of ways. He marries someone who can make him laugh and smile; who he wakes up next to on lazy Sunday mornings and just thinks “How did I manage to snag you?” Someone who calls him out on his bullshit, but is also secretly arrogant and smug themselves. Someone who suits him in every way possible, because damn it, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people claiming Draco married for convenience.
  8. His children aren’t allowed to ask for, talk about, bring up, or insinuate about anything concerning ferrets. Ever.
  9. Draco never explicitly told Scorpius to try and be a better man than he ever was…it was in the subtle things he said and did; in the way that he told his son that Slytherin was obviously the most suitable House…but Ravenclaw would suffice well as a second choice. It was in the way he informed his son that his heritage was important…but not everything. It was in the way he’d listen to Scorpius confess that his classmates were attacking him for his surname and he’d kneel down and whisper: “You aren’t your father or your grandfather…you didn’t taint the name. We did.”
  10. Despite the implication that Draco was at a state of neutrality with the Golden Trio, he’ll never ever ever ever stop referring to Harry by his surname or Ron by “Weaselbee.”

That was more than five, wasn’t it?

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Remember how Hermione kissed Ron IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAR, in the Chambers of Secrets, all wet and drenched and then both laughed as it was the most normal thing in the world both forgetting Harry and the horcruxes for a moment.

In Noah, Ila makes out with Shem (does the frick-frack) JUST as the APOCALYPSE starts on the Forest floor and then both return smiling to the ark like it was the most normal thing in the world, both forgetting their lost brother Hem and the flood for a moment.

Emma Watson sorting out her priorities as Hermione and Ila since Harry Potter

emma watson sorting out her priorties well with her characters


How I Met Your Mother writers & producers, we need to talk.


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Douglas Booth and Emma Watson since 2009-2013.. I think I like him better with his beard…

Douglas Booth
Emma Watson
2009 Burberry campaign
So true….

So true….

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